Draft OLA Rules and Comments

The Committee entrusted with preparing the Rules (including Election Rules) has framed the attached in consultation with the Managing Committee. They have now invited comments from the OLA membership. Please send your comments to your OLA-CORE representative, who will consolidate and send to the OLA-CORE e-group.

The Lawrencian Nov-Dec 2013

The Old Lawrencian 2013 Q4

Is attached

Lovedale 3.0 : The Second Step

From Jojo
Attached is a copy of the Vision for Development at Lovedale outlined by
the School Management and approved by the Board that includes a Wish List on
various Projects that will be required to take our School to the next
We are NOT appealing only to OLs to support this....this will go out to a
larger Group of well wishers/Corporates/Institutions....but obviously, it is
critical to get OL support...


Message from Joseph John 21 Sep 2013

Dear OLs

The Headmistress is continuing at Lovedale

The Headmistress has asked me to inform you as follows:
Ms Sangita Chima had resigned from her appointment as Headmistress in July
2013, for personal reasons.
The Board of Governors appreciated her contribution to the School over the
last 18 months and persuaded her to reconsider her decision. Ms Chima has
accepted their request and will continue to serve at Lovedale.


OL UK Newsletter - July 2013

The OL UK Newsletter No. 43 forwarded by Derek Gaw is attached

Report from the Consultant - Projects and Alumni Relations 21 June2013

Dear Johnny and Team OLA

Projects needing funds - as on 13 June 2013

The Alumni Relations Office of the school has provided a list of projects for the school that seek funding. This list is attached to this posting. Individuals or groups or batches that would like to consider supporting any ofthesecan seek details from jojo@thelawrenceschool.org