Full circle

My school years bring fond memories and I am thankful that I had the opportunity to be at Lawrence.

As a new parent, I struggle with the choice of what educational environment I would like for my kids. I wonder if anyone did a survey to see how many OL's sent their kids back to Lawrence or for that matter, to a boarding school similar to Lawrence. 

I am glad to come full circle - back to the place where my education began, to the place where I had a rich set of experiences - with friends I will always remember and an environment that helped build the foundation for the person I am.

In this spirit, I will be running my first half marathon next weekend (Apr 7). The motivation for signing up goes back to the cross country races we had at school. I never understood the significance of those races - it was torture at the time. But it reminded me of something I had that made me always finish - stamina, determination to get to the finish line. 

Glad to be here and hope to kindle some more of those memories.