Class of 1990 - 25th Reunion 2015 +  

‘Trooping the Colour’
Ode to my classmates

The Weaver 1  

Written by Ramesh Nair (1982)

Full circle +  

My school years bring fond memories and I am thankful that I had the opportunity to be at Lawrence.

As a new parent, I struggle with the choice of what educational environment I would like for my kids. I wonder if anyone did a survey to see how many OL's sent their kids back to Lawrence or for that matter, to a boarding school similar to Lawrence. 

Looking at Life +  

My blog "Looking at Life" has some stuff about School, which I hope you will enjoy. It has glimpses of my life at School from 1959-67.

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109 Pineridge Drive

Beckley, WV 25801  USA




My History +  

Batch Aravalli House 1959

MBBS at Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore 1968

Residency in Psychiatry - Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio USA - 1978

Presently Staff Psychiatrist at Veteran's Administration Hospital, Beckley, WV USA

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It's a pleasure to be here.

Never thought of a day when the OLAs could have their own blogs on an OL site.

It's also going to be a place where one can see strong bloggers appear.

Looking forward to all that this site offers.


duration of OLA member on lovedale board 1  

the ol association has representatives on the board of lovedale. these representatives should have a maximum tenure so that other OL`S get a chance to also add value to the school.this needs to be incorporated into the OL bye laws.



batch 77

Well Done ! +  

Excellent  new website.  Thanks, Mathew.


J  Thomas

The first train journey 2  

It wasn't just me. It was my whole family, starting with my grandfather (who always had an unending supply of reading material for me), to my mother and of course my older sister. For us boarding school immediately evoked images from Enid Blyton's book. Young girls in skirts - white socks & black shoes, short hair, a lacrosse stick slung across their shoulders and a scattering of freckles. So when it was time for me to go I too was decked out in a tartan skirt, a crisp white blouse, socks and shoes, hair cut short and a soft top suitcase.