Draft Budget 2014-2015




Attached is the final draft of the Rules sent by T T Job, VP OLA - 17.05.2014

Audited Accounts 2013-2014

This is attached

Amendments to OLA By laws

From T T Job, VP OLA. 17 May 2014

Dear OLs,
MC has been having
continuous discussions with the rules committee and to ensure that rules are in
conformity with Bylaws, two amendments are proposed for bylaws. They are given
below. This will be put up at AGM for consideration.


Report from the Alumni Relations Office - May 2014

Dear OLs


It is just under a year since we started the Office for
Alumni Relations and I give below an update...the recent developments appear
later in the lists.


I am grateful to all OLs who have supported our School in
such unprecedented and generous ways. In a tough economic year, it is simply
amazing that we have raised close to Rs 5 Crores and I thank you most

Do you agree to the Rules and the Amendments to Bylaws? 1  

OLA VP T T Job has posted a detailed note on this on this website and various other channels. Essentially, your YES vote says you agree to the Rules and Amendments to the Bylaws, your NO vote says you do not. This poll is open till 10th May 2014. The results of this poll will be provided to the Managing Committee to present at the AGM. Please vote here.

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OLA Newsletter 2

Jacob Vattakavan, NIL 1999

Thomas Mookken, ARA 1980


Have put together this wonderful Newsletter. Worth every moment you can spend on it.

Amendments to Bylaws & Rules


OLA rules committee consisting of PK, Oberoi & Ramesh have done a wonderful
job of framing the rules in consultation with MC & OL community at large. On
behalf of the MC and OLs, I thank the members of the rules committee for their
dedication and hard work which has resulted in forming the rules.

Managing Committee of the Old Lawrencians Association - Call for Nominations

Dear OLA Members,

The By-Laws of the OLA require elections to be held
every year to the
Managing Committee, observed by three nominated members.
Accordingly, the Managing Committee for 2013-2014 has appointed the
following as observers for the election for 2014-2015:

Mathew Antony
Batch of 1965 softscan2000@gmail.com
George. G.
Poothicode Batch of 1985 ggp@lawyer.com
Hormis Tharakan P H Batch

Notice and Agenda for AGM - 23 May 2014


Lawrencian's Association, Lovedale.